Why Do Businesses Choose One Consultant (or Employee) Over Another?

Why Do Businesses Choose One Consultant (or Employee) Over Another?

Those of us who are consultants understand well that to get work, we must project both characteristics.

Businesses won’t hire us unless we appear credible and trustworthy. The questions come down to: 1) How do we project trust and credibility and 2) Why Do Businesses Choose One Consultant Over Another? The same questions apply to getting hired and being trusted as an employee.
Since 1983 I have either run a consulting business or served as a manager or executive within mid-sized or large business. Therefore, I have had to either prove the value of my consultancy or my own worth in the business world. Based on those experiences and having hired more than a few consultancies and employees and having had more than my fair share of both business successes and failures in terms of revenues and client relationships, here are the primary characteristics I think businesses look for in hiring consultants or employees.


    1. Values–What are your personal values and your business values and how do you apply them in your work?


      1. Personality–Are you someone who is easy to work with and a team player?


        1. Point of Reference–Do you understand what the business needs, where it is going, what solutions will work, and that your primary role is to produce results?


          1. Strategist or Tactician–Are you able to think and execute on strategies or are you a tactical thinker? Strategists make good consultants and leaders; tacticians make good employees and workers.


            1. Experience–What experiences do you bring to the business? Are they in line with what the business needs?


              1. Client List–Do you have a list of clients that make the potential client comfortable that you can meet its needs?


                1. References and Testimonials–What do they look like? Are they from executives, managers, and/or co-workers? Do they reference results and successes?


                  1. Presentation–How do you present yourself? Are your shoes shined and your attire suitable to the business culture? Are you confident and look people in the eye? Do you think quickly and answer strategically? Are you goal and results oriented? Do you ask questions about the business’s needs or only about yours?


                  There’s much more and please share your thoughts, as well. The point I want to make here is that at the end of the day a business hires a consultant or an employee because it trusts you will deliver the results it needs.

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