Calculate your Happiness now

Calculate your Happiness now

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Everyone in this world want to be happy and how happy a person is can be calculated by a simple mathematical formula as:

HI = EM / EC


Happiness Index = Expectation matched / Expectation created

As the numerator EM increase and the denominator EC decrease then HI automatically increases.

All the time we are increasing the denominator “EC” knowing or unknowingly in our life by creating expectation from our family, friends, job etc and decreasing our HI as giving our happiness into other person’s hand/situations. If those expectation match then its balance expectations created, otherwise HI will decrease.

Since EM is not in our control as it depends on other person and situation. To be happy we should try to decrease EC as much as possible.

The less expectation we create the happier we can be. The day our EC become zero as per mathematics any value divided by zero is infinity,

our happiness will reach to Infinity.

PS : We need to understand the difference between expectation, goal, aim.

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