Tips to Become a Great Leader

Tips to Become a Great Leader

The person who leads a group of people to attain certain goals is called a leader. Progress of a

Leader country or success of a business depends on itsleadership. Without a good leader the best of the businesses or the mightiest of the forces start crumbling. The history is full with examples how the personality of a leader plays an important role in making or breaking an empire.

Great leaders are not born, they acquire greatness with total commitment to their purpose and by getting the support of others. Any sensible person can become a dynamic leader by cultivating a few qualities with diligence and persistence.

Learn to Enthuse Your Followers –

Great American philosopher Emerson said ‘Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.’ These words carry weight. Unlimited enthusiasm can give you unlimited success when it is focused and directed towards the aim of your life. People rarely want to follow a dull or unenthusiastic leader who is unable to arouse their feelings. How can such a person lead a group of people? When you have something to say and say it with emotion you are able to fill others with enthusiasm.

Bind Yourself in Discipline

Without swallowing the bitter pill of strict discipline it is hard to gain the respect of people. If you are really a big leader people may tolerate your habit of reaching late. They may wait for you for hours to have a glimpse of your great personality and ready to clap even at your late arrival. But late arrival of great leaders is also resented if it happens again and again.

Keep Your General Knowledge Updated

Knowledge is power. All successful managers, military generals and political leader always keep themselves informed. Without adequate information you can neither analyze the facts properly nor launch any rational operation. Do your best to get as many facts from as many sources as possible. If your have information power on your side you can easily defeat a more powerful enemy or competitor. Right information has always proved the biggest power and success tool of most of the great men and women.

Control Your Anger

Anger repels people as well as success. It is also bad for your health. Nobody wants to follow a person who shows angry tantrums at the drop of a hat. By willingness and constant practice you can learn the art of managing your anger. Repeat ‘God is controlling me’ ten times before allowing your anger to burst. Also visualize your anger to be melting down. This simple formula will help you to manage your anger.

Give Yourself a Touch of Charisma

Charisma is another name for attractive personality and it can be developed. Many leaders get good upbringing from their parents that they get a good personality without making much efforts to develop it themselves. But there are others who work very hard to develop it. To make your personality charismatic you need to take the following steps:

  • Have immovable self-confidence in you
  • Show to others that you know everything
  • Surround yourself with capable people
  • Maintain an air of power with the help of money and material
  • Give extra care to your dressing sense
  • Be near people and help them to solve problems
  • Keep yourself fit and healthy.

Keep Some Distance from the People

You must maintain a healthy distance from the people if you want to become a leader. Don’t be too friendly with anybody otherwise you will lose charisma. People have faith in their leader as they think their leader can do or achieve anything.

Don’t Show Your Heart to Others

Be somewhat mysterious. Keep your problems to yourself. Never show the scars or injuries of your heart to your followers. They are not there to solve your personal problems but to take your help in solving their problems.

Your Followers Must Get Something From You

People have a hope that they will gain something from their leader. This is the reason they follow him. A leader is a person who is capable enough to lead others to achieve a certain objective. A leader successfully convinces the people that he is the only one who can help them to solve their problems and lead them to success. Tell them again and again what they can achieve or get under your leadership.

Know the Psychology of People

A leader understands people, knows their needs, arouses their hopes and show them the right path, and above all he is willing to sacrifice his life for his followers. It is, therefore, necessary to tell the people what they will get if they keep faith in you. And you have to create confidence in them regarding your abilities. It sometimes takes years of efforts. You must be sincere and honest to them otherwise nobody is going to believe you.

Admire Your Followers

If you often admire the people who follow you or work for you they will love you more. Every person thinks that he is wise and does certain things in life which must be admired. Criticism dissuades and repels people. Hard criticism may make them afraid for some time but secretly they start plotting against you and damage your winning potential. So give admiration whenever needed.

Learn the Art of Speaking

Art of speaking is the most effective tool for a leader. Good public speakers are equally praised by the people and the media. They make the people spellbound with their words. But the million-dollar question is how one can acquire the art. Some leaders become well-versed in this art by helpful and positive surroundings in a natural way. Others have to work very hard to master it. Follow these points diligently to become efficient in the art of speaking.

  • Get all the facts relating to the subject of your speaking. What will you say to your audience till you know what to say? Try to add some interesting information.
  • Practice your speech alone at your home before a mirror, before a small gathering of your family members and friends.
  • You should learn to pronounce the words correctly. For it you can go to an institute or engage a home tutor. Also listen to the TV news carefully.

Criticize the Enemies Hard

People want to listen from that you will rush their enemies. Criticize the enemy. Show his faults. And tell the people that you are the person who can lead them to victory.

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