Should You Buy Twitter Followers?

Should You Buy Twitter Followers?

As Twitter grows by leaps and bounds, so does its importance in the realm of social media marketing. Due to its quick hit nature and the number of different ways people use Twitter, it is safe to say that a large Twitter following can be as important or more so than a large following on Facebook. Which leads to an interesting question:

Should you buy Twitter followers?

A number of companies have sprung up offering to help people and companies grow their Twitter following the easy way by forking over a little cash. And when you do the math, these companies might sound like they make sense. After all, if they are only charging a few pennies per follower, that’s a great deal, right?

Not so fast.

The usefulness of a large Twitter following isn’t simply a number. Having 10,000 followers won’t do you much good if only half of them are real people and most of them aren’t interested in anything you tweet. It may change the number of followers at the top of the screen, but it will have little effect on how many people actually follow what you say.

So, should you buy Twitter followers?

In a word, NO.

The entire point of growing a large Twitter following is to communicate with people who are interested in your topic, your company or your brand. They want to read what you write,retweet what you tweet and check out the links you post. This is what makes a Twitter following valuable. And a Twitter following that simply ignores your tweets simply isn’t worth it.

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